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Grieving The Loss Of Your Gentle Giant

Saying goodbye to your horse is one of the most difficult parts of caring for these beautiful and loyal gentle giants. Beyond saying goodbye, the tremendous hole that they leave in our lives once they are gone can be very hard to cope with. The grief we experience after the loss of a beloved pet is something that hits each of us very differently, yet there are many resources available to help you cope with the sorrow of the loss of your companion.

Your friends at CPM Equine and Livestock Removal Services are here for you and your family during this painful and confusing time. Beyond the end of life and afterlife care services we offer, we want to be a source of support for you to help you cope with losing your best friend. Explore our grief support resources below, and please let us know how we can assist and support you.

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Tips For Grieving The Loss Of Your Horse

  • Embrace the grief you feel over the loss of your companion.
  • Know that you are not alone.
  • Recognize the different stages of grief.
  • Be honest about your feelings.
  • Give yourself time to heal.
  • Memorialize your fallen horse to honor them.
  • Talk to your friends and family.
  • Seek professional support.

At your equestrian center, you run things your way, but what you do is the same as every other reputable center. You provide a place for horses and humans to be their best with each other. A small child had her first horseback ride there, and that particular experience planted a seed that grew into a love of horses. Later on, she came back, but this time with her own horse. They competed, they won some and lost some, but they did everything together. Just as it should be.

Your center experiences both beginnings and endings, and when an ending comes for a beloved horse, you want to partner with a company that understands the situation and has the experience and equipment to handle the details. CPM Equine and Livestock Removal has more than 18 years of experience with the removal and transport of fallen horses. When the unexpected occurs, we’ll come to you and be respectful of both the situation and your schedule. After we arrive, we’ll transport your departed equine to the destination you choose.

Most importantly, we believe in providing all facets of service, from scheduling to arrival to transport, with the highest levels of care and compassion. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.


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With more than 18 years of experience, owner Adam Henderson and his team are focused on delivering professionalism, empathy, and respect, exactly when you need it most.



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